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http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Toni%20Rather1.jpgNot only is NuVet "Your Pet's Best Friend", it can be yours. Cooper has suffered periodic allergies off and on for a year. It came to a head Christmas 2009.

We came home from after being gone 5 hours to find Cooper had chewed his entire right side, down to bare skin. We tried two vets, a homeopathic/osteopathic practitioner and finally a dermatologist. As he was being "treated" his skin was turning black, his nose turned pink, his ears were flaming red, his hair was sparse, and his eyes were red.  That has gone on for the past 4 months without any improvement.

http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Toni%20Rather2.jpgThen my husband recalled that prior to the worst episode the vet had instructed us to discontinue NuVet Plus. And, we took his advice.  We decided to start back on the NuVet Plus regiment. Take a look now! 

His skin has returned to pink, his nose is black, his ears are nice and pink, his eyes are clear AND his hair is so thick I can barely brush him! And it's soooo soft. His energy level is the best it's ever been. In addition, his itching has been reduced dramatically.

Thank you! NuVet is Our Best Friend.

Toni Rather


My boy Fred, a 6 yr old Jack Russell, has been tormented with allergies since we moved to Florida nine months ago.

http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Donna%20Fiore.jpgFred went through the same allergy symptoms other testimonials describe. Itching, scratching, bloody chewing of hot spots, foot chewing and licking, hair loss, hives, pink chest, belly, ears, the entire allergy gamut as well as becoming very testy...snarling and showing teeth. Fred sleeps with me and I have woken up many a night from his scratching and chewing himself since all this started.

Did the vet process...prednisone & antibiotics, which worked, but only while they were being taken. As soon as I stopped, it all began again. A lifetime of dangerous side effects from prednisone and/or serious discomfort was what Fred had to look forward to. The last time I spoke with my vet, all she was able to offer me was more of the same. I couldn't do that anymore.

I searched the Internet and found NuVet Labs. The more I read, the more I hoped I had a solution. The price of a 90 supply was the same as another vet visit and prescriptions and, with a money back guarantee, what did I have to lose?

Turns out, this was the best thing I could have done for my dog. In a matter of DAYS the hives were gone, the itching, chewing, licking and testiness were too. All the pink areas started to disappear, his attitude changed drastically, his energy level improved and his hair has already started to fill in. I really can't believe this worked so well and so quickly, but seeing the result, it can't be denied. Fred is feeling so much better and I am so happy he is...

So, thank you all at NuVet very much. I highly recommend this product.

Donna Fiore

PS: Fred says thank you very much!


After having my dogs, 2 Standard Show Poodles, 1 Rottweiler and 1 Chesapeake Bay Retriever, on the NuVet Plus vitamins for quite some time and seeing such great improvements in their coats and overall health, I just had to write to you and tell you about the difference I have seen this year in my Rottweiler.

My Rottweiler, Weena, is now 9 years old. She has hip dysplasia in one hip and by now also developed severe arthritis, especially in the winter time. Weena has not been much of a swimmer until Jake, the Chessie, came into our lives. Weena would jump into the water and try to retrieve the dummies, but Jake would swim way out into the deep water and pick up both dummies, sometimes even all 3 and keep them away from Weena. Meanwhile Weena had learned that if she wanted her dummy, she had to swim way out there and be fast. So Weena turned into a “water dog”.

Now at age 9, she still had tried to keep up with Jake, jumping in and out of the creek and chasing after him. Meanwhile whenever my husband came back from his daily excursion with both dogs to the water, Weena could hardly walk anymore and for sure by next morning, she was hurting real bad, so that she was limping. I told my husband to leave Weena at home until she was better.

I started giving Weena the NuVet "NuJoint Plus" vitamins and could see a little improvement, when she didn’t play too hard. But now since I am giving her 3 tablets every morning, she has been “playing hard” every day and I have not seen her limp all spring and summer. Weena is a different dog, she even likes to play again with me, chasing her beloved Frisbee and returning it to me.

Marion Lewis


http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/John%20McDonald.jpgRocky is almost 11 years old, and has been diagnosed with lymphosarcoma in March of this year , we had noticed lumps in his throat but other than that he has always been healthy. He never has acted sick. The vet immediately put him on steroids (chemo would have probably killed him!) and at first the lumps went away, but he would still cough and hacking when he exerted himself. In May we took him back to the vet and she was amazed that he was still alive.

My daughter searched online and came across your website and we decided to give your product a try. We started by giving him 2 wafers a day along with his steroids-after two weeks I stopped the steroids because the lumps were still popping up and he seemed tired. After a month of being off the steroids and only take 1 wafer a day, I am glad and very thankful to say that Rocky is doing very well, and still likes to play. His coat is shiny and his eyes are bright.

I intend to tell my vet about NuVet Plus and would recommend to anyone who has a pet with cancer and wanted an alternative to harsh drugs.

John McDonald


http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Lynn%20MacGregor-2.jpgIn March, 2010 Cuddles had an operation for a tumor on her right hind leg ... the diagnosis was that she had cancer and my choices were to have her leg amputated or have her undergo radiation and chemo pills for the rest of her life.  Since she weighs only 4 pounds, the entire tumor could not be extracted.  A visit to a veterinary oncologist gave an equally grim report, giving Cuddles 6 months to live... which meant that October, 2010 was her predicted date of demise.  I decided to put Cuddles' fate in G*d's hands and to research Cancer Cures for Canines.

Cuddles had been taking 1/2 tablet of NuVet and NuVet Plus every day since 2009.  I called the representatives at NuVet to ask for their opinion and advice.  They suggested I give Cuddles a whole tablet of NuVet and NuVet Plus every day.. and NOT give her any processed dog food ...Since I was on a special diet for Lupus,  I decided that Cuddles would eat what I made for myself, portioning the amount of food for her 4 pound frame.  She consumed whole grains, vegetables, fruits (eliminated those that are hazardous for canines) and a small amount of chicken, fish and dairy products.

Thanks to the Grace of G*d and NuVet, Cuddles is still my happy little companion.  Her predicted date of demise was 12 months ago.  This picture was taken in October, 2011 and she certainly does NOT look ready to leave me.  In fact, on our last visit to the vet, I was told that the tumor had diminished in size. 

Thanks NuVet!

Lynn MacGregor


http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Connie%20Frisk.jpgNuVet Plus is a remarkable product. I purchased the product after reading it would help with cataracts in dogs. Yes, I was skeptical, but it truly works. In a week I could see a difference in my dog’s eyes. It's been three weeks and his eyes are clear and he can see us now. I have never seen a dog look so happy.  He also seems to have more energy and a few fatty tumors look like they are softening and going away.
Thank you for creating such a marvelous product!
A Very Happy Customer.

Connie Frisk


http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Andie%20Molnar.jpgI bought Nu Vet for my elder Poodle’s cataracts. I was skeptical but I figured that with the money back guarantee, why not give it a try. The veterinarian said Unami was completely blind in one eye and the other eye was developing a cataract.

We have been using the product for two months. I believe that Unami had recovered some peripheral vision in his blind eye and the cataract appears smaller in his good eye. I have not had these improvements certified, but I believe Nu Vet is really helping. I just ordered another 90 day supply with auto ship so he will never be without this medication.

Thank you so much.

Andie Molnar
New Jersey

Cushing’s Disease

I feel compelled to write you about our success story with your product, Canine Natural NuVet Plus!

http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Beth,%20Norman,%20&%20Hannah%20Brinker.jpgWe have a Dachshund who will be 14 this coming May. “Hannah” was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in early 2005. After having a costly surgery to remove a tumor on her adrenal gland, we thought we were “home free”. In 2006 we were devastated to see her symptoms return. I read everything I could find about this disease and learned a special all natural diet could help. In doing my research I came across your web site and I am so glad I did!

I thought by supplementing her immune system it would help to fight the disease. At this point anything was worth a try! After 2 months on the wafers we started seeing an improvement! Although there is no “cure” for Cushing’s we think your product is fantastic and will increase her chances for a longer life! Hannah is a finicky eater but she loves the wafers!

My husband and I can’t thank you enough! Hannah thanks you too!

Beth, Norman, & Hannah Brinker

Ear Infection

I'm writing to let you know after 5 months and only 2 bottles of your product, Katie's ear infection is gone. Her ears are clean, open & no odor. The best news is that she has also regained her hearing in the last two weeks!!!

I was looking for a miracle and that's what I received. I was told she wouldn't get it back. Surgery was the only possibility. Not sure, if she would have gotten it back with that. Her other problem was the scratching and chewing. That is gone also. All her bare spots are gone and she doesn't scratch or chew. It's such a pleasure to watch her sleep so peaceful.

A couple of years ago she began having leakage. She was diagnosed with a loose bladder. She was put on phenylpropanolamine 50 mg twice a day. It did stop the leakage but since that time she drinks water constantly. Last year when she was seriously ill with the ear infection, the vet said to take her off the medicine for the time being until she got through the infection. To date, I haven't put her back on them…other than her drinking constantly, she has picked up a appetite that won't quit. She eats constantly... I will continue to give her your product. I'm telling everyone I know about it.

Thank you, Thank you, I can't tell you this enough.

Vickie Stone

Eye Infection

http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Suzy%20Scofield.jpgI own a grooming and boarding facility and I can't tell you how much NuVet has helped in the well being of so many of my customers' pets.

Personally, my biggest success has been with my Shitzu, Baxter.  He is nearly 13 years old now and has been on the NuVet tabs for two years.  He was going blind in one eye and just didn't have the energy that was once there in his younger years.  Now he is no longer having eye sight problems and has the energy of a 2 year old...When people come into the shop and see him, they can't believe his age...

Thank you, NuVet, for introducing this wonderful product for our dogs and especially for Baxter.

The attached picture is Baxter after he has taken his daily swim.

Suzy Scofield


Our King Shepherd had suffered from hot spots for about 2 years and all I could do is clip hair and put on the treatments.  Nothing seemed to work, all during the year she would bite and scratch and have those ugly red oozing sores.  I can't imagine myself feeling like my skin was crawling all the time.
Our vet said some dogs just have hot spots, change food, get rid of the dyes in her food, and use no grains and go all natural.  We did, it didn't help.  It didn't matter the time of year, it was constant.

We stopped at a local pet store and she had some samples of NuVet, she gave us 2 packets and go ahead and try the, they're free and from what she had heard they did work.

Long story short, the DO work!  It took about 3 months for her to stop the continuous scratching and biting but now after only 5 months, she does NOT have any hot spots at all. I wasn't totally convinced that the tablets would work, but it was worth a try.  I started back in March of 2011 and now by the middle of August I think she is cured.  I thank the lady at the pet store every day. 

I bought the 60 day supply for the first few months because I was so doubtful, but our last order was for the 90 day supply.  We will continue using the NuVet Plus as long as we have our dog.  Thank you so much for a great product. I plan on taking our information to our local Vet here in northern Minnesota since I'm sure ours is not the only dog in our city that suffers from hot spots.

Sharon Vaerst


http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Lara%20DeLaMater.jpgI adopted a pretty ragged senior Shiba Inu last December 2010. He suffered from Hot Spots, constantly scratched at his ears, chewed his coat and had inflamed red and runny eyes. He scratched so hard he would make himself bleed. He was a sad mess and not being able to sooth him just hurt.

It is about one year later and he is simply gorgeous!!!!!!! No bald spots, no itching, so bleeding, clear eyes. His diet consists of grain free food, salmon oil and NuVet Plus. This supplement saved this poor dog from misery. 

I am ordering some for a kitty that I found discarded this summer, she has had Chronic sinus issue, for all of her 6 months of life, it can't hurt to try.

Lara DeLaMater
New York


This is a great big "THANK YOU" for my remarkable recovery!

In November 2009, at 15 years of age, my vet diagnosed me with chronic renal failure and I lost so much weight so quickly I sent my mom and dad into a panic and tears. My mommy did some searching on my condition and stumbled upon your website. Having conferred with one of your nutritionists, they started me on the NuVet Wafers.
http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Soleil%20Curtis.jpgIn less than a week, I am prancing around and walking with my world renown trot. EVERYBODY who knows me says I've simply made an outstanding recovery. I feel great and almost invincible. Upon reviewing my blood work numbers, my vet exclaimed "well, whatever it is we're doing, we're doing right". My mommy and daddy straightened him out and told him ... well, it's those magical NuVet

That's my younger brother MER with me. He is a Maltese and his middle name is Trouble. In addition to my physical recovery, NuVet has given me the confidence to assert myself too so Mer doesn't try any of that naughty stuff on me now.

I hope every Mommy and Daddy out there tries NuVet and gives their pets a chance at a better quality of life!

Soleil Jay Curtis


Our 2 yr old Yorkie, Charlie suddenly became ill July 2009. He was vomiting, urinating, drinking excessively, refused to eat, we immediately took him to our vet and was told he had kidney failure. The vet tested him for everything possible, not understanding why such a young dog was having kidney failure.

The vet hospitalized our Charlie for a week. They flushed his kidneys with liquids and forced fed him while providing antibiotics. We were able to bring him home with instructions on flushing the IV and force feeding him. Over the weekend, he was depressed, wouldn't eat and very weak. Unlike his playful, energetic self. We began our own research, because our vet was not able to diagnose why his kidneys were failing, unless a biopsy was done, which the vet didn't recommend.

We came across NuVet and ordered it. We were willing to try anything...especially since our vet bill was now $1300.00! We started giving Charlie the wafer (1) per day, changed his diet, (low protein) and prayed he would get better. Within a week, he was nearly back to himself. Recent vet visit indicates his creatinine levels are normal, which the vet indicated he never thought they would be and asked what we were doing because he believes Charlie is a miracle dog! 

I can only hope this will prolong our young Yorkie's life. NuVet has given us hope and Charlie is playful and full of life despite the kidney failure we thought he couldn't beat.  Thank you!

The Hornung Family

Lyme Disease

 Two and a half years ago I sat crying in the vet’s office, the vet informed me that my two female cocker spaniels needed to be put to sleep soon. My oldest was having hip pain and the other was dying from an autoimmune disease.

I searched the internet for help and found NuVet. My 16 year old now runs around the house, follows me up and down the stairs, can see better, and seems happy. My 8 year old is off all meds from her disease and acts like her old self.

The vet cannot believe they are the same dogs and jokes how I replaced them. Now all I ask is for you to make it for people!

Beth Aguiar

Tear Stains

Before NuVet. Notice the red tearing on her face. The picture below is Haley’s after. No tear stains!!
http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Courtney%20Bennett%201.jpg http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Courtney%20Bennett%202.jpg

Courtney Bennett


Hello there. First off on behalf of my family and Rocky, we would like to thank you for the NuVet Plus. Thehttp://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Josh%20Dwyer.jpgy [Nuvet wafers] are showing tremendous results in Rocky's Fatty Tumors. He has more energy, and his eyes have become clearer. 

With your advice Rocky was on 4 wafers a day for two weeks, then we moved him to 2 a day on the 3rd week. He’s been on that does for 1 week now… we are now on his 2nd bottle and couldn't be happier with the progress he has shown.

I just placed an order today for NuVet Joint for our other dog Duncan …he’s been showing signs of pain, stiffness, when walking and would like to get him on a healing track again…thank you for the wonderful suggestion.

Josh Dwyer


http://www.nuvet.com/userfiles/image/Kelly%20Jackson.jpgHello and the greatest THANKS...we have a Doberman that is 9 yrs old and has fatty tumors, dry nose, low energy....until a month on nuvet plus. Now his nose is back to normal! His tumors are starting to shrink (one was the size of a small football) His energy level is like a pup!!

I have seen him act like he is so full of life again!! Thanks from all of our hearts!!

Kelly Jackson


I was nearly in tears the night I discovered your web site. My 11 year old dog Issabelle had lumps growing on her sides and belly. While my dog is worth more to me than anything I cannot spend the thousands of dollars I was reading about to deal with the problems I could see developing.

I read the articles and stumbled across your site and took a chance, and ordered the NuVet plus hoping what I read was true, and it was! I am ready to order my second bottle and my dog will take these pills for the rest of her life. She could not get into the car on her own two months ago and was not very active. I could tell even going out to go to the bathroom was a chore for her.  Within three weeks she was like a puppy again!  She is her old self again and I cannot be more thankful. And the lumps are shrinking. It has changed her and my life.

Thank you so much for giving me more time with my dog. I gladly tell everyone I know about your product. Again thank you.

Chris Williamson


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