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Dog Warts

Although annoying, unsightly, and highly contagious amongst dogs, your pet's warts are not dangerous and cannot spread to humans. Typically, dogs get warts as a result of a compromised immune system. They are more common in older dogs whose immune systems have been worn down throughout life, but can also be found in younger dogs as the result of infection with the papilloma virus.

NuVet PlusThe only medical treatment for them is surgical removal. This procedure is usually not recommended unless necessary for the dog's comfort. When warts grow on the pads of your dog's feet, or between these pads, they can often cause severe discomfort and lameness.

Non-Surgical Options

The other way to deal with dog warts is by treating the source rather than just the symptoms. The source of warts is always immune deficiency, whether that's weakness to the virus or generally poor immune response. The best way to fix that is by providing proper immune support for your dog. NuVet Plus is an industry leading supplement designed to enhance your dog's health in multiple ways. First, it's a nutritional supplement, helping ensure that your dog gets the basic sustenance he needs. But it's also a healthy cocktail of ingredients designed to encourage release and elimination of body toxins. These nutrients and other ingredients work together to promote your dog's overall health and strengthen his immune system. 

NuVet Plus has a proven track record. We've seen it help thousands of dogs, and we're confident that it will help thousands more in the years to come. That's why we want you to try it risk free. If you don't see an improvement in eight weeks, we'll refund your purchase price completely.

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Strengthens the Immune System to Help Heal and Protect

The natural ingredients in NuVet Plus contain complete families of essential nutrients, formulated to be the cornerstone of a pet’s nutritional program.  Each supplement is optimally digested and utilized by your pet.  Unique ingredients, cold processing and patented paddle drying techniques ensure the best metabolic absorption to maximize and preserve enzyme activity.

With a strengthened immune system, your dog is better able to fight the damage of free radicals that attack its cells daily.  This helps your dog heal existing issues and be more resistant to dozens of ailments, from allergies and joint problems, to life threatening cancers, diabetes, and even heart disease.

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Made in the USA, NuVet Plus’ is manufactured in an FDA Human Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Pet industries are NOT being regulated as closely as the human industries. That's why NuVet Plus is one of the few pet products actually made in an FDA human pharmaceutical lab.  Virtually no other pet supplement is made this way because of the expense and close monitoring required.

By manufacturing in an FDA human lab only the best 'human-grade' ingredients go into this product.  Every ingredient is quarantined and microscopically tested before it is processed.  By manufacturing this way, your dog is protected with the same strict guidelines reserved for human pharmaceuticals.

Nuvet Plus is also safe with medications.

Your purchase is safe with NuVet's Money Back- 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee.

Use our supplement for up to 60 days and if your dog’s problem is not dramatically improved or eliminated we will refund you money back. It is a 100% satisfaction guarantee* See for complete details.

NuVet Plus 90 Count Bottle
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Manufacturing Process

Manufactured in a FDA human pharmaceutical laboratory, containing solely human-grade ingredients. Our manufacturing operation is fully compliant with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) established within the industry and meets or exceeds all quality standards for human Nutritional Supplements

Money Back Guarantee

Should you desire to receive a refund, please contact us via phone or email to receive a return authorization number. We require that the customer return any unused portion with the bottle (even if the bottle is empty) to our office within 60 days of purchase.  Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

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