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Stop Dog Itching the natural way: NuVet Plus

Stop Dog Itching the natural way: NuVet Plus

Is your dog constantly scratching their selves? Do they rub up against furniture? Do they rub theirselfs nearly raw with their claws? All of these are signs that you have an itchy dog. This is a common problem with a lot of root causes. Whether the cause is allergies, mites, contamination, illness, or something more, dog itching is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Stop Dog Itching At The Source

Regardless of what is causing your dog to itch, NuVet Plus can help relieve the symptoms of itchy dog at the source. Unlike a lot of products on the market, our supplement isn't designed to just mask what your dog is feeling and make him feel better. We actually provide a cure for the underlying issue, which is causing your dog itching and stops it from coming back tomorrow.

How does this work?

It's simple. NuVet Plus is clinically formulated to provide benefits beyond just nutritional support. Our supplement includes everything your dog isn't getting from his food, but we've also packed each wafer full of antioxidants and other powerful illness fighting ingredients. These ingredients work together to actively flush toxins out of your dog's body. Toxins are what cause the dog itching – they inflame your dog's nerves, causing that uncomfortable itching sensation. With them gone, your dog's nerves will return to normal and he'll be comfortable again. NuVet Plus can help heal your itchy dog.

Treating The Cause

Whatever is making your pup an itchy dog, NuVet Plus can help reduce or cure it. NuVet works for such a variety of ailments because it provides a highly effective immune boost for your pet's whole body. It doesn't just focus on one area: everything is covered, and everything benefits. Allergies disappear, joint problems evaporate, and your dog becomes the happy, healthy pup you've always hoped he could be.

NuVet Labs the creators of NuVet Plus® appreciates the importance of your dog’s overall wellness to you and your family. That’s why NuVet Plus® contains only the very best in human-grade ingredients that research has shown will improve and extend the life of your canine family member for many years to come.

Of course, your dog’s body cannot maintain that balance without a properly functioning digestive system! In its formulation, NuVet Plus® utilizes several ingredients, such as alfalfa, amino acids, cat’s claw, iron and Vitamin B complex, to support optimal digestive system activity. These substances provide the body with vital digestive enzymes, boost your dog’s metabolism, cleanse his intestinal tract and support proper nerve and muscle function within the gastrointestinal system as a whole. NuVet Plus® not only supplements and enhances your dog’s diet, it supplies the means by which he can absorb and utilize nutrients to the fullest.

Made in the USA, NuVet Plus’ is manufactured in an FDA Human Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Pet industries are NOT being regulated as closely as the human industries. That's why NuVet Plus is one of the few pet products actually made in an FDA human pharmaceutical lab.  Virtually no other pet supplement is made this way because of the expense and close monitoring required.

By manufacturing in an FDA human lab only the best 'human-grade' ingredients go into this product.  Every ingredient is quarantined and microscopically tested before it is processed.  By manufacturing this way, your dog is protected with the same strict guidelines reserved for human pharmaceuticals.

Nuvet Plus is also safe with medications.

Your purchase is safe with NuVet's Money Back 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee.

Use our supplement for up to 60 days and if your dog’s problem is not dramatically improved or eliminated we will refund you money back. It is a 100% satisfaction guarantee* See for complete details. 

NuVet Plus 90 Count Bottle
  • Works fast

  • All natural

  • Patented process

  • Easy on the Stomach

  • Guaranteed 100% safe

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Used by hundreds of thousands of Dogs

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Manufacturing Process

Manufactured in a FDA human pharmaceutical laboratory, containing solely human-grade ingredients. Our manufacturing operation is fully compliant with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) established within the industry and meets or exceeds all quality standards for human Nutritional Supplements

Money Back Guarantee

Should you desire to receive a refund, please contact us via phone or email to receive a return authorization number. We require that the customer return any unused portion with the bottle (even if the bottle is empty) to our office within 60 days of purchase.  Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

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