"It is well worth every penny"

We have a five year old standard poodle with Addison's disease. We give him a Percorten-V shot once a month and a small dose via a pill of Prednisone daily. This dog was merely surviving until we starting giving him one wafer of NuVet Plus daily. After six months, our dog still has Addison's disease but he is strong, healthy and full of vitality. His coat is shiny and he has built up a lot of lost muscle. He runs up and down a mountain with us for 45 minutes every day.  We would recommend NuVet Plus to anyone who wants a strong, healthy, happy dog. It is well worth every penny.

Glen & Jackie Cheney

"Stopped chewing her feet"

As a professional groomer and life long dog owner I know as our dogs get older they start having problems. My 14 year old chocolate lab (Ginger) has allergy problems to grass and trees as well as a food allergy to wheat. We make our own can food and use only a high quality dry food that is processed in a plant that does not put wheat in any of its foods. 

We started her on NuVet for her skin and coat and NuJoint for her joint health. She has had two knee surgeries for torn ACL’s and it was getting very difficult for her to take a walk or get up from lying down. We had previously had her on supplements which did not help much (and did not have any money back guarantee). Her coat is now shiny and thick again and she has grown hair on her lower belly where she has never had hair before. She has stopped chewing her feet and legs from the allergy problems. She now can get up and down without difficulty and once again enjoys her walks with her two buddies (9 year old Plott hound (Gander) and 1.5 year old yellow lab (Gunnar)). 

As an older dog Ginger’s eyes were getting cloudy and the vet thought she was starting to get cataracts – her eyes are now completely clear again. Her claws are now hard and no longer splinter when they are clipped. Ginger was also prone to ear infections both yeast and bacterial (from scratching so much) at least 6 times a year for her first 11 years. She has not had an ear infection in over a year. Even some of her “fat deposits” have been reduced in size and she has not gotten any new ones. 

Gander and Gunnar (both large male dogs) had issues with flatulence. They could clear a room faster than a skunk. We would have to turn on the fan and open windows before we could be back in the room with them. Gander as a member of the hound group also would start to smell “doggy” only a few days after he was bathed. In less than a month the dog flatulence has gone away and has not come back for either of them and Gander now does not smell bad at all even with 6 weeks between baths. Their coats are extremely shiny and thick and everyone wants to touch them!

Joyce H


"Better in only three weeks"

I own a Jack Russell Terrier named Skyler who is now 6 years old. When Skyler was about 18 months old, I discovered she had allergies. I was taking her to the vet almost monthly for Prednisone and Cortisone injections, and giving her Benadryl in between visits. The allergy testing cost so much that I couldn't afford it at the time.

Then when she was 3 years old, I began working in an animal hospital. I could now afford the allergy tests since we could do them at cost, not retail! The results came back that she has environmental allergies to the grass in the area (we live in Florida!), to molds, dust, and about everything else outside. She also has food allergies, mainly to potatoes and barley (try finding food without either of those two ingredients!). So my boss suggested we start her on allergy injections. To anyone who has not gone through these, they are not fun.

A year and a half ago in April, I was tired of the injections. I would get her backed down to every two weeks, and then she would break out again. They just weren't working as they should. I now own a grooming salon and was reading about NuVet in one of my grooming magazines. I decided to try it. Skyler was so much better in only three weeks, it was amazing!!

In the year and a half that she has been on NuVet Plus we haven't made one trip to the vet for her allergies. I don't even have to watch what I feed her. She just doesn't have a problem anymore.

I even have verification that it is indeed the NuVet supplements and that she didn't just grow out of her allergies. My son, who is 18, takes care of giving Skyler her "treats" every morning. Unbeknownst to me, he had stopped giving them to her a couple of months ago, because she was getting an upset stomach in the morning. About a month went by without the NuVet and I noticed her abdomen was all broken out and red. She had scratched herself raw in some areas. I asked my son if he was still giving her the "treats" and that's when I found out he had stopped. I told him to start her back on them, only give them at midday instead of in the morning. I kid you not, within four days her stomach had cleared up and she was no longer red and broken out. I whole-heartedly approve your supplement and tell all of my clients this story. Thank you so much!!

Carla Gentry

"Begin to shrink away"

3 years ago our vet removed a bleeding tumor off of our Miss Piggy's abdomen. The test result was Hemangiosarcoma with clear margins. We were told her future was uncertain, but usually major blood organs were involved with this type of cancer and the prognosis was guarded. 

Numerous other tumors began appearing all over her body. Our groomer suggested we try the Canine vitamins. The tumors continue to appear but after about 4-6 weeks of growth, they begin to shrink away. We continue to enjoy and laugh at our dog's antics as we are blessed with her good health this past 3 years and hope that we will have several more cancer-free years with her. Thank you for the production of this wonderful product.

Ginni & Dan Kruger

"Reducing tumors"

When my 10 year old yellow female Labrador developed two large lumps, a hard one on her back and a soft hanging lump on her leg, my vet insisted on removal and testing for cancer. The tests came back positive for Mast Cell Tumors, Grade II, on both sides from Phoenix Central Laboratory. I immediately put her on raw diet and added one wafer of the NuVet Plus to her diet. The remainder of the lumps went away and she appeared normal. At that time I put her back on dry kibble food. 

About two months later, I noticed she had 13 similar lumps all over her body. I put her back on raw food and one wafer. The lumps continued. The one lump on the same part of her back became as large as a golf ball. In desperation, I put her on three wafers daily with her raw food. All the lumps eventually disappeared except for the lump on her back which shrunk to the size of a pencil eraser.

When my 14 year old black male Labrador developed lumps on his rear and elsewhere, I put him on raw food and wafers also. Every time the cancer lumps are almost gone, I cut back on the wafers. Every time I cut back on the wafers, the lumps return with a vengeance. We are not able to completely eliminate the lumps with the raw food and wafers, but we are able to eliminate all but one or two, which became very small.

I am convinced that NuVet Plus wafers are a positive force in reducing tumors in my labs, even if I cannot eliminate them altogether. It has been about 18 months now, and so far, I can keep the tumors from spreading. Thank you NuVet Labs.

Robert J. Morris Jr.



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